Rojo Magazine

ROJO® is an independent artist and designer consortium founded in 2001, dedicated exclusively to the promotion and support of the arts in all its formats with headquearters in Barcelona (Spain), and creative branches in Milano (Italy) and São Paulo (Brazil). ROJO® generates cultural and creative networks, developing and coordinating collaborative projects and events, hosting exhibitions in its brand new ®artspace global network, broadcasting audiovisual art through its recently launched online TV channel and a DVD collection, publishing a collection of monographic art books by uprising artists, and last but not least, the nexus of it all, the one of a kind world class text-less art magazine, composed entirely of exclusive art contributions, and distributed in more than 35 countries.

ROJO® is a worldwide organization, interacting directly with the most talented artists from around the world, and networking with ROJO® associated directors locally in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, India, Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

ROJO® is exclusively made with talented artist's contributions. If you want your artwork to be considered in order to be featured in one of the next printed issues of the magazine, please follow print instructions. If you would like to have your video artwork featured in ROJO®online TV channel, please follow video instructions. If you would like to exhibit your art in any of the ®artspace network galleries, and you have been previously featured in any of the ROJO®magazine printed issues, in any of ROJO® group exhibitions or in ROJO®tv, please write to ROJO® artspace network manager. Monographic books, art exhibitions and commissioned projects are made only by invitation to artists that have been previously featured in ROJO®.